Friday, September 11, 2009

Olek Kulik's I Bite America and America Bites Me

Here's an update to Joseph Beuy's piece by Olek Kulik, which also references the cultural setting of America. "Kulik performed as a dog, this time in a specially built cage, where the spectator would come in wearing protective garb. ... At the Interpol group exhibition in Stockholm in 1996, he performed in the gallery chained next to a sign labelled ‘dangerous’. An international scandal occurred when he not only attacked members of the public who chose to ignore the sign, in one case biting a man, but also attacked other artworks within the exhibition, partially destroying some pieces. For Kulik this was an excusable act, as there was a warning label attached to his performance that people chose to disregard. His intention was to divulge his angst of the current cultural crisis through the violent anger of a dog" [Wikipedia]. Funny piece, though it has the common problem of projecting human emotions onto animals.

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