Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eduardo Kac's Edunia

[From] Edunia 'is a genetically-engineered hybrid of myself and Petunia. ... [M]y gene produces a protein in the veins only. The gene was isolated and sequenced from my blood. ... The result of this molecular manipulation is a bloom that creates the living image of human blood rushing through the veins of a flower.

The gene I selected is responsible for the identification of foreign bodies. In this work, it is precisely that which identifies and rejects the other that I integrate into the other, thus creating a new kind of self that is partially flower and partially human.' Hmmmm.... not sure about his intention to dismantle the defense of the other. (Thanks Meredith!)

Amy Youngs's Rearming the Spineless Opuntia: 'Through cloning and micropropagation technologies, humankind has engineered creations such as the Spineless Opuntia, a cactus that lacks its original defense mechanism against those who eat them.' This kinetic sculpture's armor closes up when approached and opens when people move away from it. []


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