Saturday, January 9, 2010

Diana Thater's gorillagorillagorilla


Diana Thater created a touching piece, a video installation 'gorillagorillagorilla'. '[It] is placed opposite a diagonal that cuts across the Jerwood Gallery. Thater’s silent moving image installation intervenes in and deconstructs the existing nineteenth century terracotta architecture. The viewer becomes part of the work, her or his shadow disturbing and contributing to the scaled narrative of the gorillas filmed in the rainforest of the Mefou Sanctuary in Cameroon. The installation creates a recurrent experience, allowing the spectator to revisit the moving imagery as he or she weaves in and out of the individual rooms. In Thater’s work, nature becomes larger and wider than we can fathom. "I create sculptures with images of nature in space,’ says Diana Thater, describing her monumental video installations that analyse complexities of the natural world, and their relationship with the human being."' This work was a co-commission by the London Natural History Museum and Kunsthaus Graz and was created with the support of Bristol Zo Gardens and the Mefou Sanctuary in Cameroon.

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