Monday, January 18, 2010

Eugenio Merino's 4 The Love of Go(l)d, Berlinde De Bruyckere's Marthe

On the topic of interspecies art, how can one forget Damien Hirst who uses animals as art materials in his factory. Eugenio Merino's 4 The Love of Go(l)d is a giant sculpture displayed in the type of glass case that Hirst likes to fill with formaldehyde and dead animals, of a Hirst figure pointing a gun at himself and blowing his own brains out. This piece is a response to Hirst's For the Love of God, which is derivative of the crystal-covered skull of his friend John LeKay and whom Hirst did not credit. The asking price of For the Love of God is £50,000,000 ($100 million or 75 million euros). "I thought that, given that he thinks so much about money, his next work could be that he shot himself," said Eugenio Merino. "Like that the value of his work would increase dramatically..." [UK Guardian:
'Suicide' sculpture of Damien Hirst causes controversy in Spain'
] Massimo Deganutti did a version of this with Damien Hirst in formaldehyde.

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Berlinde De Bruyckere's Marthe (below) would make Francis Bacon proud and Damien Hirst envious. Another of her piece is at New Museum's After Nature show.


  1. Look again, by Massimo Deganutti " Lost love" - Installation views (vitrine, money and objects) 80x70x190 cm. - 2010

  2. Watch Damien Hirst in formaldeide.... on YouTube

    MASSIMO DEGANUTTI Installation views - 2010

  3. Thanks Massimo for sending over your link.